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Future Vision

The vision of regional Institute of Ophthalmology is to be the leader in innovation of patient care in Ophthalmology and deliver superior quality programmes and services.

Different Committees

The different committees of RIO, Kolkata are constituted with the following members

Sl. No. Academic Committee
1. Prof. C. R. Shaw
2. Prof. L. K. Mondal
3. Prof. Asim Kumar Ghosh
4. Prof. S. Dutta
5. Dr. K. P. Baidya
6. Dr. Nirmal Sasmal
7. Dr. Anindita Mondal
8. Dr. P. S. Roy


Sl. No. Purchase Committee
1. Prof. K. Sarkar
2. Prof. C. R. Shaw
3. Prof. Asim Kumar Ghosh
4. Prof. L. K. Mondal
5. Dr. Somnath Das
6. Dr. Nirmal Sasmal
7. Dr. Anindita Mondal
8. Secretary, RIO, Kolkata


Sl. No. OT Instrument Maintenance Committee
1. Prof. S. Dutta
2. Dr. Anindita Mondal (Convenor)
3. Dr. Sanjay Chatterjee
4. Dr. S. Samaddar
5. Dr. Suman Mukherjee
6. Dr. Jayanta Dutta
7. Dr. Somnath Das
8. Dr. Salil Mondal


Sl. No. U. G. + P. M. O. A. + D. Opt. Academic Committee
1. Prof. Asim Kumar Ghosh
2. Dr. Anindita Mondal
3. Dr. Nirmal Sasmal
4. Dr. R. P. Ghosh
5. Dr. Smiti Rani Srivastava
6. Dr. D. Biswas
7. Dr. Apala Bhattacharya
8. Dr. S. Samaddar


Prof. S. Dutta is in charge of training of all first year PGTs and all Tutorial Programme of Undergraduate students with assistance of all RMOs and Senior Residents.
Sl. No. RMOs Sl. No. Senior Residents
1. Dr. R. P. Ghosh 1. Dr. Debranjan Sen
2. Dr. Madhumita Banerjee 2. Dr. Partha Pratim Mondal
3. Dr. Swaranjit Biswas    
4. Dr. Gautam Kumar Ghosh    
5. Dr. Tamojit Chatterjee